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Meanwhile, we are carrying certain brands which have been developing their business into APAC & China through us.

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Love and Sweet from Portugal

The brand's philosophy falls within the concept of designer-driven pieces that are aspirational yet accessible, elegant and timeless, sophisticated but playful, ultra-feminine with perfect tailoring, meticulous structures and shapes, bold use of colour and print; for women who are confident in themselves and their style choices, strong attitude, individual style and by with a romantic spirit.
The Hello-Kitty line brings KX into the international stage in last winter! MOdaNova Global is delighted to bring this one of the favourite brands in Portugal and Japan to Hong Kong this summer, stay tuned for our lots of events and activities that you might hear about!

Susana Bettencourt

Susana Bettencourt

Outstanding and Stylish

Falling in love with traditional bobbin lace from her native town in the Azores Islands at the age of 5, Susana Bettencourt has taken her studies at Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion with its strong digital techniques and fused them with her love of handwork.
The brand’s ultimate goal is to explore the synergy of new technology and the digital with traditional craft, as well as the synergy with her two homes – London and the Azores. Looking to build a self-sustainable business, Who’s Next is the perfect platform for a brand of this ilk as it showcases the best brands of the world and helps designers to spread their name and sell their collections to the best boutiques.
Susana Bettencourt started in February 2011 and showed its first collection at London Fashion Week’s Exhibition, followed by Tranoi in Paris and Portugal Fashion Week Show. In this short space of time and given the exposure in these different platforms the label has found favour with iconic stores such as Luisa Via Roma. The brand strategy in the next four seasons is to increase the presence of digital formatting which is a key feature of the actual product and of the brand profile.
Given the handwork and the importance of seeing knitwear up close, a stand at Who’s Next would essentially allow buyers to view the product in an intimate setting, it would also enable the collection to take a significant leap forward in terms of its presence as a brand which is a fundamental strategy for the brand in the next two years. In terms of product, the range offers bobbin lace dresses that are unique and take months to develop, as well as digital jacquards and prints that provide accessible and modern products. both ends of the spectrum can be showcased in a trade show setting were a captive audience of buyers and press who we aim to target will be present. The brand aims to increase its stockists in the next season and need to invest in a strong presentation to do this. MOdaNova Global, again, pround to represent Hong Kong & Asia for distributing their newest items from 2020.


Pe de Chumbo

Woven and Knitted Fabrics Handmade Women's Clothing

“pé de chumbo” is a women's clothing brand, designed by fashion designer Alexandra Oliveira, present in multi-brand stores in more than 30 countries.

The brand has been imposing her characteristics, in designing and manufacturing of woven and knitted fabrics, using unique handmade processes.

Mixing fabrics, yarns, and transparencies with different textures, creates contrasts of materials and colors, highlighting the details of each piece, is the aim of the designer.

MOdaNova Global is proud to introduce this brand to Hong Kong and Asia this year 2020.


Miguel Vieira

Miguel Vieira: the Brand

Miguel Vieira was born in 1966 in São João da Madeira and is one of the most respected Portuguese fashion designers, not only in Portugal but also over the world.
Over the years, Miguel Vieira has become synonymous with a style that reflects elegance.
Unmistakable collection after collection, the predominance of black and white has become one of its great references.
Classic-modern cuts are based on a choice of raw materials, which are carefully selected by a team of specialists from Miguel Vieira's atelier.
The Miguel Vieira brand emerged in 1988 and has never stopped growing and multiplying its areas of operation.
It started to be associated only with women's clothing, having immediately achieved a great projection in Portugal, which boosted the appearance of its collection of men's clothing in the following year.
The shoes followed. In 1994 the first collection of men appears and, in the following year, the collection of women.
In 1996 the line of bags and leather goods was launched…
Today the brand, with the Miguel Vieira Casa line, is also a reference in the areas of furniture and decoration, as well as in the creation of jewelry and glasses, among others.


Modern, Authentic and Colourful

DIO+MIO Collections are modern, authentic and colourful. A collection made for the ones who like to experiment with fashion, bringing colours into their daily style.
MOdaNova Global has been developing this Hong Kong brand since 2000 which give great success to put the collections on rack and online store for years with great feedback and being favored by many Portuguese youths.
This year 2020 is going to further developed to add with different elements which will definitely give our audience a lot of surprises!

Manuel Oliveira

Manuel Oliveira

BOCA DO LOBO Furniture

The art of designing and crafting exclusive pieces. BOCA DO LOBO seeks to encourage and represent the most authentic handcrafting techniques around the world.
They are fearless and crave for innovation, their aim for excellence is what determines their passion.

To them design is not merely an accurate creative process, moreover is the art of inspiring and evoking unique emotions to the world.
They stand for emotions, their objective is to evoke exclusive sensations and provoke reactions.
Their success and growth have been determined by the commitment to design, produce and distribute high-end furniture and incomparable experiences.

Manuel Oliveira is proud to represent BOCA DO LOBO as the exclusive distributor in Hong Kong with the promising best deals to the local retailers. Come talk to us!

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