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From Europe to Asia

How we do to make your fashion brand to launch it successfully in APAC?

Sales in China’s apparel market have reached over CNY 2,077 billion (EUR 273 billion) in 2018, growing at 7.8% YOY, which is the fastest growth rate since 2014. It is predicted that in 2019, China will replace the US as the world’s largest apparel market. Recently apparel specialist retailers have also begun offering a wider range of products beyond fashion, to take advantage of their existing large customer base. It is definitely a great chance for all kinds of brand new brands to be introduced into China this dancing dragon country!

From asia to Europe

How we do to make your fashion brand to launch it successfully in Europe?

Along with the challenges like Brexit, protests, and strikes, new excitement like e-Commerce became popular, European brands are insufficient to satisfy all consumers in Europe and they need more new blood to boost up their retail situation. ModaNOVA Global understand there are lots of domestic designers in Hong Kong and Asia and we help them to let more people know and wear their products, and by our networks of retailers and our long term partnered import agent, we can help you to fulfill your dream to launch your products in Europe.

DIO-MIO is one of the successful examples. It is a leisure unisex wear which aims to provide a comfortable but trendy teenage fashion. Founded in Hong Kong and has been getting used by a lot of Europeans to choose and buy from its online platform.

Come talk to us if you have your own brand already, or going to build up one in the near future, which you would like to develop your Europe market, we can help you.

Find your right partner

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Business Development

Hire sales people with existing buyer relationships to the stores on their wish list.

Professional Supports

Remove the guesswork & minimize mishaps with expert Asia and China advisory support. It's included.

Business Strategies

Keep costs low while sales grow with proven strategies.

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.


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